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31 Mar. 2016

MarsyasI - clinical phase 1 study completed

Maryas I - clinical phase 1 study was completed on 5 February 2016[more]

24 Nov. 2015

Paper on content analysis of APOSEC recently published

Beer L et al. Analysis of the Secretome of Apoptotic Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells: Impact of Released Proteins and Exosomes for Tissue Regeneration - was recently published in Scientific Reports. Sci Rep. 2015 Nov...[more]

02 Apr. 2015

EPO intends to grant APOSEC patent for treatment of systemic conditions

The European Patent Office informed us its intention to grant our patent application for the treatment of systemic conditions with APOSEC.[more]

31 Mar. 2015

APOSEC attenuates secondary damage following spinal cord injury

New Paper accepted in Experimental Neurology[more]

23 Oct. 2014

Kickoff Meeting for Marsyas I Trial

On 23 Oct. 2014 the clinical phase I trial Marsyas I, a prospective, single-Center, randomised, double-blinded, placebo controlled, dose finding phase I study in the indication skin wound healing was initiated. The Kickoff...[more]

25 Apr. 2014

AGES Approval for APOSEC allogeneic and autologous production

On 25 April 2014 the Austrian Health Authority AGES issued the approval for the production of allogeneic and autologous APOSEC for clinical testing in the APOSEC GMP production facilty at the Blood Bank Linz.[more]

30 Jan. 2014

Effect of APOSEC on chronic ischemic left ventricular dysfunction

Groundbreaking paper published in Biomaterials[more]

02 Sep. 2013

Presentation at the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology, 31 Aug. - 4 Sept. 2013, Amsterdam

Overexpression of GATA4, TGF-β3, MEF2C and HIF1-α contributes to improvement of infarct size in porcine model of chronic myocardial infarction, treated with percutaneous intramyocardial delivery of secretome of apoptotic white...[more]

13 Jun. 2013

European Patent Granted to APOSCIENCE AG

Patent for Treatment of Skin Wounds Using Supernatant of PBMCs Granted by the European Patent Office[more]

07 May. 2013

Stem Cell Therapy - When? How?

7 Mai 2013, 19:00, Wissenschaftliche Sitzung/Scientific Session Gesellschaft der Ärzte in Wien - Billrothhaus, Frankgasse 8, 1090 Wien[more]

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MarsyasI - clinical phase 1 study completed



Paper on content analysis of APOSEC recently published