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Approval for clinical phase II study in DFU by Austrian health agency (12 Dec. 2019)

Aposcience AG was granted approval by the Austrian health agency BASG to start a clinical phase II study in the indication diabetic foot ulcers of its novel product APOSEC, the secretome of stressed Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC).

Aposcience AG is leading in the development of secretome-based therapies which constitute an entirely novel class of medicinal products, and this will be the first secretome-based clinical trial in human patients ever.

Aposcience AG believes that APOSEC is highly potent in the indication wound healing based on preclinical experiments as well as on the fact that the secretome of PBMC contains a multitude of therapeutically active components which respond to the diverse requirements of the complex process of wound healing.

The multicenter clinical study will be performed in Austria, Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.

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